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We consult and provide you with the best possible alternatives to automating your processes. We work on a variety of technologies and have more than a decade of technical expertise in multiple domains to suggest the best possible tool for helping your organization achieve its RPA objectives.


We are certified lean experts who know when a process can be optimized. Every process is scrutinized to the extent possible to understand the best approach to possibly streamline it. We usually follow the SECAR approach and integrate into the entire lean life-cycle of the process, right from standardization to relocation.

capacity management

We also consult on capacity modelling and forecasting. We have an array of tools which enable organizations that do not have any available capacity management process in place to extract benefits worth 10-15%, for the ones that already have some capacity management in place, we have seen benefits as high as 7-10%. 

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process re-engineering
lean consulting
RPA/RDA consulting
Business Intelligence
RPA CoE setup
citrix automation
desktop automation
web based automation
pdf automation
vba automation
operational excellence
predictive modelling
data analytics
ordering to cash optimization
workflow automation

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We are a fairly new entrant in the automation field, but we take pride and excel in it. Every assessment of ours is done with an intent to impact Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service in the right direction. We have several customers who can vouch for us for the freelancing that we had done for them before we decided to team together and start disruptor.online

We believe in customer delight , so we consistently exceed customer expectations, resulting in creating a long term relationship with the customer as opposed to one time engagements.

We also develop robust codes and products that are maintenance free and we also offer free maintenance as long as the problem doesn't stem due to an input/output requirement change, and we stand by our deliverables 100%.

So if you are on the edge of considering someone to consult for you, call us. trust me, that would be the best decision of your life.


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