who we are?​

we’re rpa advocates with a flair for process improvements.

about us.

curious about our culture?​

we believe that every individual should be engaged in work that provides him intellectual stimulation, every other work is a waste and thats what we intend to identify, quantify and help eliminate using robotic process automation.

at times it might be a piece of a process, at times the entire end to end process, what every may be the case, every opportunity is carefully assessed for potential impacts and roi before a call to implement rpa is made

rpa opportunity once identified, the implementation is in agile sprints which ensures that the implementation time is reduced and constant feedback from the sme's enrich the solution.

the result thus achieved, helps eliminate the intellect waste, improve productivity and reduce the pain in the system. every interaction of ours is with an intent and a purpose, and we ensure that the delivered outcome exceeds the clients expectation.

partner / strategy​

Kris R

with over a decade of automation experience, kris manages to innovate out of the box, his ideas sometimes are so simple that it makes the client wonder as to how did they miss it. his passion for lean and automation is a potent combination for any process improvement projects. he has delivered on automation projects that involve native pdf manipulation using only vba and excel, his primary intent is always to reduce the tco and ttm for an rpa, also ensuring that it is inline with the clients policies and does not require specialized individuals to maintain it. his tools of choice depends upon the existing infrastructure of the client, but rest assured, the returns would beat the investment every time.


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